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Compiler Reliability Engineer

Compiler Reliability Engineer

The Multicore OCaml project aims to bring native support for scalable concurrency and shared memory parallelism to the OCaml programming language. At its core, Multicore OCaml extends OCaml with effect handlers for expressing scalable concurrency, and a high-performance concurrent garbage collector aimed at responsive networked applications. Multicore OCaml is also the first industrial-strength language to be equipped with an efficient yet modular memory model, allowing high-level local program reasoning while retaining performance. Multicore OCaml is actively being developed and core features are being upstreamed to OCaml.

As we get closer to releasing OCaml 5.0 with Multicore support, there is a need to ensure that the multicore support works well with the rest of the ecosystem. The ecosystem includes the open-source tools and libraries maintained by the Multicore team as well as the wider ecosystem. We have built a number of tools to assist with the task at hand. Some of the tools are:


As a compiler reliability engineer, your tasks will include:

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