Segfault Systems

Securing the Foundations of Scalable Systems

Segfault Systems | Securing the Foundations of Scalable Systems

Illustration of Tarides GC hackers waiting for the OCaml testsuite to pass

We are delighted to announce that Segfault Systems is joining Tarides. Segfault has worked closely with Tarides over the last couple of years, most notably on the award-winning Multicore OCaml project and the upstreaming plans for OCaml 5.0. This alliance furthers the goals of Tarides, bringing the compiler and benchmarking expertise of the Segfault team directly into the Tarides organisation.

KC Sivaramakrishnan, CEO & CTO of Segfault Systems says that “Segfault Systems was founded to secure the foundations of scalable systems programming in OCaml. We have successfully incorporated cutting-edge research on concurrent and parallel programming into OCaml. This addresses the long-standing need of OCaml developers to utilise the widely available multicore processing on modern machines. Tarides is at the forefront of OCaml developer tooling and platform support, and we are excited to join the team to make OCaml the best tool for industrial-strength concurrent and parallel programming.”

“We’re thrilled to have the Segfault Systems team join Tarides,” says Thomas Gazagnaire, CTO of Tarides. “They have been integral to the success of the Multicore OCaml project, which has combined cutting edge research and engineering with consistent communication, promoting Multicore OCaml as an upstream candidate to the core developer team, as well as publishing monthly reports for the wider community. We look forward to working with our new partners to make OCaml the tool of choice for developers.”

All of Segfault Systems’ existing responsibilities and open-source commitments will migrate over to Tarides, where work will continue towards the three main objectives in 2022:

Read the full announcement here, including details of our goals and the focus for 2022. This alliance brings the headcount of Tarides up to 60+ people, all working towards making OCaml the best language for any and every project.