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Securing the Foundations of Scalable Systems

Segfault Systems | Securing the Foundations of Scalable Systems
## Runtime Systems Engineer The [Multicore OCaml]( project aims to bring native support for scalable concurrency and shared memory parallelism to the OCaml programming language. At its core, Multicore OCaml extends OCaml with [effect handlers]( for expressing scalable concurrency, and a [high-performance concurrent garbage collector]( aimed at responsive networked applications. Multicore OCaml is also the first industrial-strength language to be equipped with [an efficient yet modular memory model](, allowing high-level local program reasoning while retaining performance. Multicore OCaml is actively being developed and core features are being [upstreamed to OCaml]( ## Qualifications & Experience We are looking for an experienced (3Y+) systems engineer to join our team. Ideally, you will have: * Excellent knowledge of C programming, parallel programming and Operating Systems. * Worked on Compilers, Garbage Collectors and other runtime systems. * Working knowledge of computer architecture and micro-architecture. * Experience in analysing benchmarks and application performance. * Track record of building production quality software. * Demonstrable open source contributions are a plus, but not required. * Good communication skills in English; English is the corporate language. * Experience of working in multidisciplinary teams. ## Responsibilities * Design and implement features in the Multicore OCaml runtime system. * Develop tests and documentation for the Multicore OCaml features. * Implement parallel benchmarks, analyse and improve the performance of Multicore OCaml programs. * Submit pull requests to the OCaml programming language on GitHub, and work with the OCaml core team to get the features merged. * Work with external clients and other teams to gather requirements, develop proposals, design solutions and communicate project statuses. * Provide technical mentorship to other developers on the team. * Communicate with the wider open-source community (discuss, blog posts, meetups, conferences, talks, etc.). ## What we offer * Competitive pay and benefits package. * Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely within India. * Supportive team environment with experienced Technical and Team Leads. * The opportunity to grow with a fast-growing company. ## Apply Please send your CV and cover letter to ****. If shortlisted, you will have three online interviews starting with a general interview, followed by a technical interview, and finally an interview with the team. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. We strive to create a representative, inclusive and friendly team, because we know that different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds make for a better workplace.